Ciro Principe

IT Manager, Consultant & Programmer


I created this site from the ground with the following tools and minimalism in mind:

Static Generator:
Jekyll using Poole as a reference site.
Markdown Parser:
kramdown, with GitHub Flavored Markdown enabled.
Tag Generator:
Jekyll Tag Page Generator plugin. After the migration to GitHub I ditched the Tage Page Generator plugin for a static tag page. My old implementation is forked on GitHub.
Bootstrap for a consistent and minimal framework, with some customizations.
Lato font for the Header, through the Google Fonts API.
Ionicons on the landing page.
Various Guides:
PixelCog’s Jekyll From Scratch - Core Architecture
PixelCog’s Jekyll From Scratch - Extending Jekyll

The site is self hosted on a Crissic Virtual Private Server using nginx as a web server and pushed through rsync hosted on GitHub and pushed through SourceTree from Windows. The authoring is done on Windows with notepad2-mod gVim.