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Blog » Migration to Cloudflare Pages

Almost 9 years passed since my last blog update. Honestly I wouldn’t care about updating it anymore, but recently I found myself playing with Cloudflare a lot and I thought to consolidate everything there (domain, DNS records and website) migrating my site to Cloudflare Pages.

I migrated from GitHub, updating Bootstrap to the last v3 available (catching up with their recent stuff would have been too much). I received a hell of a warnings so first thing I disabled SASS (why did I enable it in first place?). Then Jekyll complained about other stuff as well, like some gems not being updated or whatever, so I tried to sort out everything on local before the deploy.

Luckily Cloudflare has some migration guides available (1 and 2) so I got some assistance in the process.

My interest in the website is fading, so I didn’t plan to dedicate more than 1 hour to this migration, specially after reading that it should have been painless. Maybe it is, if your versions are current, but that was not my case.

Lesson learned I have to say. See ya in X years.